Advantages of Backlinks

Backlinking is a highly underrated yet powerful way of alleviating the reach of your brand. There are not many digital marketing services which help you with link building, as most people are not familiar with the jargon like link juice, follow link, and no follow links associated with it. Awrange, one of the best digital marketing agencies in Pune, presents you with a list of some basic backlinking concepts that you ought to know.

Advantages of Backlinks

  1. Higher ranking on Google – When the Google Crawler sees that your site is getting relevant, contextual backlinks, it associates your website’s value or domain authority with the value of the website the link is on. This ultimately results in a higher ranking on Google.
  2. Increased traffic – Even before the aspect of ranking comes into the picture, the advantage of getting clicks and visitors by direct clicking on the link results in an increased traffic.
  3. Faster indexing – When there are various relevant backlinks leading back to your website, it becomes easier for the Google bots to discover your website and crawl through it effectively.

Common Terms Related to Backlinks

  1. Link Juice – The value passed from one web page or site to another with the help of a hyperlink is called as ‘Link Juice’ in non-technical SEO terms.
  2. Internal Links – Links that link different pages within the same domain are called as internal links and the process is called as internal linking.
  3. No-Follow Link – No-follow links are the ones which consist of an HTML attribute value that instructs search engines bots that this link should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index.
  4. Linking Root Domains – Are the number of backlinks coming into your website from a particular unique domain.
  5. Anchor Text- Anchor text is the text that is used for hyperlinking.

Factors to keep in mind while Backlinking

  1. Relevance – While trying to figure out which is the best website to build a link from, relevancy is the key. Instead of going after all the websites with a good domain authority, you should identify the ones which can drive more traffic to your website because they present you with an opportunity to publish content relevant to your site.
  2. Original and useful content – Publishing content that is useful for the reader is the best way to make the visitors want to click on your link. When you publish an informative and an original article, then when you reach out to people to link to it, they’ll be more likely to do so because of how useful the content is.
  3. Do-follow links – Do-follow links are like a vote of confidence. When you get a Do-follow backlink from a reputed website, it is like the website vouching for your content.
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