5 Tips for an outstanding Black Friday Social Media Campaign

Tips on Black Friday for Social Media campaign

Black Friday is the biggest carnival for shoppers! With a humongous potential to boost sales and drive profits, it is not surprising that most brands spearhead a strong social media strategy to promote the Black Friday deals as they scramble for the customers’ attention. Worried about making your brand stand out among the crowd to make the most of this shopping gala?

Following are some simple tips for an outstanding Black Friday Social Media Campaign brought to you by Awrange services, a well-known digital marketing agency in Pune.

1. Posting at the right time

In order to run a successful Black Friday Campaign, a crucial part of the SMM services to be considered is the timing of posting. When preparing for a Black Friday or Cyber Monday campaign, it’s always better to start early and plan your campaign in advance. Creating and scheduling your social media posts well in advance makes your design and messaging consistent for the audience.

2. Co-ordinating the promotion on all social media channels

Identifying the most profitable social media channels and their use for your brand is the first step in Black Friday social media marketing. If you want your Black Friday sales to soar this year, you need to coordinate the posts on various platforms and then focus on the ones that work best for your business.

3.Preparing social media profiles

Updating all profile pictures, bios, descriptions, banners, and links will ensure that your social media accounts are synchronized to advertise your Cyber Monday and Black Friday promotions. Create a custom cover and profile photo especially advertising your Black Friday USP because that is the first thing that people notice when they come to your page.

4.Using time-related CTAs throughout the posts

By using catchy C-T-As which promote a sense of urgency, your brand can cash in on the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) that people have! Using plenty of words like “today” or “now” or “hurry up before the offer ends” in your CTAs makes people think something that they would like to buy is in limited supply and so they should take immediate action.

5. Use appropriate hashtags

Before you deploy digital marketing services for your Black Friday Social Media Campaign, do your keyword and hashtag research. Apart from the obvious ones like #cybermondaydeals, #cybermondaysales, #blackfridaydeals, you should check out what other trending hashtags you can use in your posts. For instance, hashtags such as #giftsforhim, #giftsforher, #christmasgifts, etc. which may not be directly related to Black Friday but are trending nonetheless can also be leveraged.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday present businesses with incredible money-making opportunities, and with these easy-to-implement tips, you should be ready to kill it with your SMM campaign this season!
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